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Your Questions Answered

Do you provide meal services?


No, although a shared meal may be enjoyed for special occasions, there is no formal meal service.

What is independent living?

The enjoyment of a caring community for persons of age 62+ who can perform independently activities of daily living on their own, such as food, housekeeping, hygiene, and banking (or provide direction to their caregivers who assist them directly and are engaged by them but not provided by the facility). 


Do your bathrooms have safety rails?


Yes, each bathroom has safety rails installed.


May my pet live at FAHA Manor?


A well behaved, quiet pet is welcome. If you have a household that includes a cherished pet, you will be asked to indicate this on your application for rental and provide an additional damage deposit. One pet per household.


Can I have overnight visitors?


Yes, your guests may join you in your unit, however it is recommended for emergency evacuation purposes that notification is provided to the office. Visitors may stay for up to 10 days. Any vehicle occupying a designated visitors parking space must register with the office. 


How is the building staffed?


From Monday to Saturday there is staff on-site and located in the Manor office at the rear of the building. Hours are posted and change slightly during the summer. There is a staff member on call during hours when the office is closed, their contact information is posted at the office and for building related emergencies contact can be accessed by phone 24/7. In any medical or police emergencies, all residents should call 9-1-1. 


Does living at a non-profit building make any difference?


Living at the non-profit Manor means that residents in this community come before profit. The Manor is motivated by its mission, rather than attempting to keep investors or owners financially satisfied. 


The income generated from rents or other means such as donations, are continually directed to improving both the interior and exteriors of the property and provide programs to the residents. 

Are there any restrictions on having a caregiver provide assistance to me directly?


Personal, professional caregivers, nurses or other medical assistance which you have engaged for your benefit are welcome. The Manor does not provide any nursing or medical care. Please notify the Property Manager as a safety measure so they may be included in the building head count and for security reasons. 


Is this property affiliated with any religious organization?



How do I apply?


If you have answered "Yes" to all the questions on the home page (here), you may qualify for application. Please complete the contact details stating that you are seeking housing and the Property Manager will reply.

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